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Are you wondering how the “New Normal” will look at your place of business?

Do you stay awake at night thinking:

☢️ How do we operate efficiently under these new guidelines?

☢️ How do we keep our employees safe?

☢️ How do we keep our customers safe?

☢️ Does my new cleaning processes work?

☢️ Are we cleaning too little or even too much?

☢️ Will I ever have peace of mind that I am doing the right thing?
cleaning process with real data.

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The quicker you implement ATP testing the better you will feel about the cleanliness of your facility or cleaning process

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The fact is, most places won't need to add expensive disinfecting services to comply with the Oso Sanitized program

Disinfectant wasn't commonly used for general cleaning but now it is. Think of disinfectant as weed killer for high touch areas. The more you clean and disinfect the surface, the least likely bacteria will be able to grow   

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This is the best way to document your facilities cleanliness with secure record keeping

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