Improve the Cleanliness of Your Facility with ATP Testing and Electrostatic Spraying

See what a difference we can make in your Facility with Certified Cleanliness Testing and Cloud Based Recordkeeping

Using the Oso Sanitized validation system for cleanliness is the only way to understand what's clean and what's not

We're a nationwide, Independent ATP testing company with Electrostatic Disinfectant Spraying services including Clorox Electrostatic Disinfectant ready to help you understand real cleanliness in any size facility with verified test results.

Don't assume your facility is clean, know it's clean with Oso Chem and the Oso Sanitized validation System 

Are you wondering how the “New Normal” will look at your place of business?

Do you stay awake at night thinking:

☢️ How do we operate efficiently under these new guidelines?

☢️ How do we keep our employees safe?

☢️ How do we keep our customers safe?

☢️ Does my new cleaning processes work?

☢️ Are we cleaning too little or even too much?

☢️ Will I ever have peace of mind that I am doing the right thing?

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ATP Testing is the only way to Verify Cleanliness and Proper Disinfecting Procedures

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We make the entire process very easy to understand and use

Cleaning and Disinfecting High Touch Points

The fact is, most places won't need to add expensive disinfecting services to comply with the Oso Sanitized program

Disinfectant wasn't commonly used in regular places or part of normal cleaning procedures but now it is. We can help you comply with a corrective action plan after your first test. We can offer suggestions for the right disinfectant to use or use one of our approved disinfecting companies.

Think of disinfectant as weed killer for high touch areas. The more you clean and disinfect the surface, the least likely bacteria will be able to grow   

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Order Third Party ATP Testing to Validate Your Cleanliness or Current Cleaning Procedures

This is the only way to make sure what you're doing actually works. If you want to truly understand what's clean and what's not then hire a third-party testing company like Oso Sanitized.

This is the only way to validate your cleaning and disinfecting process and have certified record keeping of your process.

Hiring an independent ATP testing company like Oso Sanitized will save your business tons of money and legal problems. Imagine getting sued for not providing a clean place for employees or customers and you have the electronic test results from Oso Sanitized proving your cleanliness on a continued basis. The suit will be very hard to prove because you have the proof necessary to defend your company.

The results will be much different if all you have is invoices for "Disinfectant Services" or "We've been cleaning like crazy"         


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Using the Oso Sanitized branding will validate your cleanliness and build consumer confidence no matter what industry you represent

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