COVID cleaning services phoenix

Oso Chem offers the best COVID cleaning service in Phoenix Arizona using the Oso Sanitized cleanliness validation system.


Any company using machines like the ones below doesn't have a clue on how to properly apply disinfectant. Let's analyze these two photos taken from companies in Phoenix claiming to be "COVID cleaning services" 

COVID cleaning companies Phoenix

The guy above is spraying the air with a machine designed to mist water on plants or apply insect repellant to flowers inside your house. All disinfectants must be applied to surfaces and stay wet for 5 to 10 minutes to be effective. Not one disinfectant on the market is designed to be sprayed in the air and treat everything around it. He also has no personal protection at all.   

Best COVID cleaning company in Phoenix

The second photo shows a guy spraying the bottoms of chairs turned upside down on the table. First of all the tabletops are super important as well as the seats, but neither one is being treated. He is however wearing proper protection to apply disinfectant but doing a terrible job at treating the problem.

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