Electrostatic Disinfecting Companies in Phoenix Arizona

Hire Oso Chem in Phoenix Arizona to properly disinfect your place of business using high-quality Electrostatic Disinfectant sprayers with 35 years of spraying experience. 

We have the best Electrostatic Sprayers and trained technicians in Phoenix to get the job done right the first time. Disinfectant Companies are popping up every day with absolutely no experience in proper disinfecting procedures or application experience. 

We can certify your place of business with the Oso Sanitized process with electronic reports and recordkeeping for complete peace of mind and compliance.   

We spray non-toxic, Simple Green Professional disinfectants to pre-cleaned surfaces and provide a complete list of what it kills with every order.

We can evaluate your location based on use or in-person then recommend the correct product strength or frequency for you're facility. For example, a Fitness center will require a much different process than a commercial kitchen or call center and we have the experience necessary to get the job done right.

Order disinfecting services for your Phoenix or Scottsdale business today and choose a frequency that fits your needs. We offer daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly service. We can set up subscriptions to make it super easy for you to stay in compliance.

Spraying disinfectant to a dirty surface is not nearly effective so don't be fooled by companies who only spray disinfectants with no knowledge of testing, or knowing the cleanliness of the surface before applying a disinfectant. Our process can be verified with instant lab-grade testing making this the Oso Sanitized Process.

All of our chemicals are FDA approved and made in the USA.

Our high power electrostatic sprayer is recommended for Offices and Call Centers, Hotels, Schools, Locker Rooms, Hand Railing, Fitness Centers, Airports, and Aircraft. 

Electrostatic spray equipment is very expensive and almost impossible to get right now but we have the best equipment in Phoenix. We offer disinfectant spraying in the Phoenix, Scottsdale area along with ATP testing as an option.

Watch how our Electrostatic Sprayer wraps around the surface by spraying only the front of this metal object.