Hire Professional Disinfecting Companies - Disinfectant Spray Companies

Hire one of our approved vendors to properly clean or disinfect your place of business using high-quality Electrostatic sprayers, Foggers, or traditional disinfecting procedures.

We recommend applying non-toxic, well-known chemicals to pre-cleaned surfaces. We provide safety data sheets with every order showing the ingredient list and verify the product is non-toxic or why we choose to endorse it.

We can evaluate your company's use then recommend the correct product strength for your application. For example, a Fitness center will require a much different process than a commercial kitchen or call center.

Order disinfecting services for your place of business today and choose a frequency that fits your needs. We offer daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly services set up on subscriptions to make it super easy for you.

Spraying disinfectant to a dirty surface is not nearly effective so don't be fooled by companies who only spray disinfectants with no knowledge of testing, or knowing the cleanliness of the surface before applying a disinfectant.

Our process can be verified with lab-grade testing with 10-second results making this the Oso Sanitized Process.

Sign your business up today for testing and see your current results. If they fail we can assist with proper cleaning and disinfecting processes to pass the test.  

We're adding Locations Nationwide to serve you and all of our chemicals are FDA approved and made in the USA. 

If your a qualified contractor please contact us today to see if you qualify. 

The electrostatic spray is only recommended for certain things like locker rooms, hand railing, fitness equipment, bar stools, etc. Our backpack, handheld sprayers, and foggers are more than capable of applying the disinfectant correctly and are less expensive.  

Electrostatic spray equipment is very expensive and almost impossible to get right now but we are adding vendors to offer disinfectant spraying and testing with conventional methods as we grow. That's why we have limited locations at the moment.