How to Test for Cleanliness - Cleaning Verification System

So everyone is now offering cleaning, disinfecting, and disinfectant spraying with anything from a paint sprayer to a professional Electrostatic Sprayer but are they effective? 

That depends on the company. Most commercial cleaning companies that's been around for a while will most likely understand proper cleaning and disinfecting procedures, as well as the right products to use.

We recommend using Simple Green cleaners and Disinfectants because they're non-toxic and very well known in the industry. Other brands may be just as effective but the only way to know is by testing the surface with an ATP machine.  

Companies like Oso Chem will come to your facility either before, after, or before and after to test and show you the results. 

I've personally seen tons of videos of companies claiming to spray disinfectants with no real understanding of what they're doing. You should only hire Disinfectant companies who are approved by Oso Chem to spray your facility regardless of the cost. 

With over 35 years of automotive painting experience, I can tell right away if someone knows how to properly spray disinfectant. 

Something more important is using proper disinfecting methods or applications. Many companies are making claims or using products that no one has ever heard of or they're not applying the right amount of disinfectant to the surface. 

Disinfectants must be applied frequently to a clean surface to be effective. Spraying disinfectant to a dirty surface is not effective. Spraying disinfectant over and over to the surface without proper cleaning is also ineffective. 

ALL disinfectants need to stay wet on the surface for 5 to 10 minutes. This can't be done by misting the area so be sure to ask for application directions and kill times for chemicals being used in your facility.

If you choose a non-approved vendor to provide disinfectant services for your facility, you will not have validation that what they are doing is actually working. 

Choosing Oso Chem to test and validate your cleanliness will give you access to the Oso Sanitized branding for immediate consumer or employee confidence not offered by any other company.