In Today's World, Understanding the Difference Between Cleaners and Disinfectants has Become a Big Challenge for Most Companies

Understanding the difference between cleaners and disinfectants

With frequent staff turnover, language barriers, finding the right products to use, everything is out of stock, training staff how to do the job right, mixing ratios, new guidelines for cleaning, are all complex, time-consuming, and frustrating to manage. Watch the Spanish video below to understand the difference between cleaning and disinfecting. 

Don't make cleaning complicated for your staff

Because of this, more and more companies are looking for consultants and third party ATP testing companies to better understand and manage this process. Oso Chem is the right partner with locations nationwide ready to help you develop a well-documented process with verified results.  

Hire Professional Disinfecting Consultants

It's critical to have professionals that can identify and solve cleanliness issues quickly to avoid mistakes, which can lead to unpleasant customer experiences and or damage a brand's reputation. 

The Oso Sanitized system consists of a nationwide team of professionals with a wealth of knowledge and detailed plans tailored to your company's needs. We understand our customer's disinfecting challenges and how we develop, manage, implement the best solutions to simplify the process. 

The Oso Sanitized system includes a cloud-based record-keeping system to ensure the workforce is trained properly and performing at their best. Our testers consist of a nationwide team of professionals who understand all the cleanliness issues that our customers face. This expertise is the backbone of Oso Sanitized, we understand our customer's cleaning and disinfecting challenges and we help develop, manage, and sound the alarm when needed to keep things under control at all times.

 The main goals of the Oso Sanitized System are:

  1. Set Cleanliness standards by industry or surface type to be compliant with regulations, using real-word data from trusted sources.  
  2. Continually monitor each facility for compliance and assist with proper corrective action.
  3. Translate the cleaning process into practical Standard Operating Procedures with disinfecting plans for our customers. You don't need a 250-page cleaning process to confuse the cleaning staff. Imagine the cleaning crew giving you a 250-page report on anything. Would you read it and follow the directions? I didn't think so.  
  4. Ensure the public and your employees feel confident in the process you're using. 
  5. Have a locator to find companies that are certified "Oso Sanitized" as well as professional cleaning and disinfecting companies to hire. 
  6. Support companies of all sizes with a wide range of industries ranging from medical facilities to call centers.
  7. Continuously improving our process and procedures to make the entire process easy to order and understand for consumers and professionals.