Ready To Reopen? We're Here to Support Your Business

We work with you to create a safer, cleaner, and healthier environment across your facility whether it's a Restaurant, School, Public Facility, Commercial Kitchen, Long Term Care Facility, Public Transportation Department, Swimming Pool, or Mall.

Our testing and disinfecting programs are designed to elevate the quality of cleanliness in any facility. We help you pick the right products, processes, training, and measurements to reduce risk and lower cleaning costs.

Our Reopen plans provide easy to understand cleaning processes for in house staff or cleaning crews to follow for complete compliance and passing test scores.

Oso Chem also provides access to the right cleaning chemicals, Disinfecting machines, cleaning tools, and training in English and Spanish.

We can also provide training for cleaning teams along with personal protective equipment also referred to as (PPE).

Some of the highlights we detail in these plans are:

 • Cleaning procedures needed to re-open 

• Common touchpoints to be disinfected and the frequency necessary to keep ATP test scores in compliance