School Reopening Plan Ideas - Ways to measure Cleanliness

Reopening plans are undoubtedly essential to safely bringing Arizona’s children and staff back to school. Alarmingly, these plans fail to address or establish a method for verifying that the plan is properly implemented and effective.

School Reopening Plan

Third-Party testing and record keeping are critical to successful policies and procedures and essential to swiftly identify the need for corrective action. Teachers always tell their students to double-check their work, so with the wellbeing of Arizona’s children and School employees in our hands, why aren’t we checking our cleanliness?

Failure to verify these new measures and identify the need for corrective action early will have much more disastrous results than a bad test score including future health and safety violations.

ATP Testing and Secured record keeping will soon be the new standard of cleanliness and occupational health and safety in the workplace.

Oso Sanitized is ready to implement this in every school in America with a team of testers in place all over the country. Send a clear message to Staff, Parents, and children that your school is now Oso Sanitized.

Oso Sanitized is powered by the team at Oso Chem and both companies are Minority, Female owned and operated.