Third Party ATP Testing Companies for Hire - CDC Recommendations for Testing

As part of the Level II environmental monitoring program from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends testing cleanliness with a Cleanliness Verification System like Oso Sanitized. The CDC guide below explains how you can implement ATP testing according to the guidelines set forth by the CDC toolkit: Options for Evaluating Environmental Cleaning.

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What should I have tested in my facility?

The CDC has a list of recommended test areas such as:

  • Bed controls
  • Bed rails
  • Phone, Keyboard, and Mouse
  • Light switches
  • Sinks
  • Toilet Flush handles
  • TV remotes
  • Doorknobs
  • Tray tables
  •  Call boxes
  •  Cellphones
  •  Bedside tables
  •  Patient chairs
  •  IV poles
  •  Sink handles
  •  Handrails
  •  Toilet seats
  •  Flush handles
  •  Bedpan cleaning equipment
  •  IV pump controls
  •  Monitor control panels
  •  Touchscreens

High touch Points in a room

Oso Sanitized monitoring

Oso Sanitized monitoring is the initial, and continued testing program that should be conducted frequently to accurately assess the current level of cleanliness and compliance with cleaning processes. Results from initial testing will become the baseline for corrective action or determine proper cleaning schedules.

The CDC recommends sampling all available surfaces in a 10-15% sample of facilities. In hospitals with less than 150 beds, all available surfaces should be tested in at least 10% of rooms. Oso Sanitized testing should be conducted at least once a month and more often for health care centers or high traffic facilities like daycares and schools. When cleaning scores have improved to at least 80% or higher pass results, you can confidently scale your testing to an optimized plan, described below. 

Affordable, low-cost investment

A cleanliness testing program doesn't need to cost an arm and a leg. You can implement a 3rd party test program according to CDC recommendations for only a few hundred dollars per month. 

Optimized Testing 

When hospitals have achieved more than 80% pass results from Oso Sanitized testing, the number of surfaces to be monitored can be scaled down to a random sample of rooms. If the proportion of passing scores decreases during ongoing testing, this demonstrates a deterioration in cleaning practices, and corrective action is required. More ATP testing may be necessary to identify trouble areas or the change in the cleaning procedure. 

ATP Test Scores

Daily Testing for a Cleaner Facility

By merely implementing Oso Sanitized testing, cleaning personnel may perform more consistently because they know cleaning performance will be tested regularly. This is also known as the Hawthorne effect. Around the globe, more and more hospitals are moving to daily or monthly cleaning verification. Daily testing only requires a few tests per day, yet holds cleaning staff accountable for achieving an optimal level of cleanliness every day.

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