What Image are you promoting to Customers?

We've all seen this plenty of times, doors and entrances plastered with all types of garbage that no one reads. By this time everyone is aware of Covid and mask requirements but is this really a good thing for companies to do?

Keep reading for more details and a better way to get your message to customers   

Covid Warnings on doors of businesses

By adapting the Oso Sanitized cleanliness verification system your storefront will look much cleaner and change the perception of your company from paranoid to actually doing something to protect your customers by making sure your facility is properly cleaned and sanitized with test results to prove it. 

As a customer, I prefer to shop with companies who actually care about cleanliness and proper workplace safety rather than posting warnings, cutting hours, or making employees work from home.

Look at the photos below with the window decals clearly displaying the Oso Sanitized information with the website and QR code clearly displayed so customers can verify or read more about the process.    

Oso Sanitized decals

Get started by hiring an Oso Sanitized company to properly disinfect your business and get you on the Oso Sanitized testing program to Promote cleanliness and safety measures, not fear and paranoia.