Electrostatic Sprayer Rental

Rent Professional Electrostatic Sprayers in Arizona 

Electrostatic Sprayer Rental Phoenix Arizona

We have a fleet of high quality Electrostatic sprayers for rent in Phoenix, Arizona

Our Electrostatic sprayers are very efficient in applying disinfectant to almost any surface but meant for large commercial facilities like Fitness Centers, Schools, Churches, and Call centers. Each machine is outfitted with a 2.5 gallon tank and air compressor for continued use all day. 

Rental rates are based on dates and times so please contact us for a free quote. We offer delivery, pickup and training with each machine and also sell disinfectant to registered companies.

You can use our locator to find approved Disinfecting companies in your area that will come to you're facility and provide disinfecting service with or without testing.  

Our Electrostatic machines require electricity to operate using a standard 110 volt outlet (same as a vacuum cleaner) and full Personal protective gear is required during use including a paint mask, face shield and protective coveralls. 

Since the Electrostatic Sprayer charges the liquid being sprayed means the over spray will also be attracted to the person spraying it. Although its a small amount, it can amount to a lot over a long period of time making it dangerous without proper protection.     

Most Disinfectant is non toxic after it dries but when you spray disinfectant the applicator must be full protected to avoid contact with eyes, skin, and breathing the over spray. We sell paint respirators, Tyvek suits, and full air supplied respirators to customers renting our machines. 

Air Supplied Respirators for sale  

Most Disinfectants when sprayed will require the removal of people for up to 1 hour after spraying is complete, or until the product is completely dry and the smell is gone. Odor times vary by product, facility or the ability to properly ventilate the area with open doors or windows.

Keep in mind that multi story buildings may share A/C or chiller tower air so the smell could reach other areas of the building. You can test this fairly easy by popping a bag of popcorn in the area and see where the smell goes. 

We will need to verify what your spraying is designed to be used in electrostatic machines. All water used in our machines must be distilled. Distilled water will not damage our machines and gives you a clean solution to spray.

Ready to use disinfectants wont need to be mixed with water but the label must approve the product for Electrostatic spraying to prevent damage to the machine.