The Oso Sanitized Process - Ongoing Testing in your Facility

Once you order and complete the first test in your facility, we will email you a copy of the test results along with the following:

1. If you pass on the first test you can immediately sign up for recurring testing and use the Oso Sanitized Branding. This means your cleaning and disinfecting process is highly effective and we will continue to validate this with recurring tests.

2. If you fail the first test we will email you a copy of the test results along with a corrective action plan. This will include a link to purchase the right cleaners and disinfectants, videos on how to properly clean and disinfect in English and Spanish, and a list of approved commercial cleaning companies in your area.

This will give you lots of options to choose from and once you implement a corrective action plan you can order a 2nd test or sign up for recurring testing. After your test scores are in compliance you may then use the Oso Sanitized branding and locator service.

Recurring test areas are much cheaper than the first tests and we want to make this a cost-effective, easy system to implement and maintain. We do charge a monthly fee to use the branding and electronic reports. This varies from $14.95 to 49.95 per month, per location.

Using the Oso Sanitized system and branding will validate your cleanliness and build consumer confidence no matter what type of facility you have.