We have an easy to understand training program

including cleaning, disinfecting, and testing. Here's the quick process of what to do with videos at the end 

1.  Clean the surface with industrial cleaning and disinfecting spray such as Simple Green Clean Finish or Lemon Scent for Athletic facilities, Bars & Restaurants, Bathrooms, Business & office buildings, Cafeterias, Daycare centers, Exercise facilities, Food preparation areas, Hotels & Motels, Kitchens, Nursing homes, Pet animal quarters, Public restrooms, Schools & Colleges, USDA inspected food processing facilities, Zoos. 

Use Crystal Simple Green for food processing & handling, industrial, manufacturing, electronics, and parts washing industries, cutting through tough grease, oils, built-up grime, and another residue without harsh or volatile chemicals.

2.  After cleaning the area(s), perform swab testing using the Hygiena test meter to confirm the cleanliness. This will give you a basis for what your dealing with along with reports of progress. Don't be alarmed by high numbers on the first test. 

* The first time you clean and test an area the RLU results will be high on the meter because most places have not used disinfectant before.    

3.  Spray disinfectant on the cleaned area(s) and make sure it stays wet for at least 5 minutes or as recommended on the label. This is where foggers, cordless sprayers, or electrostatic sprayers will come in handy. If the area being disinfected is a food prep area rinse with water or damp towel after the 5 to 10 minute wait time to remove contaminants. 

4. The next time you clean, test, and disinfect the area, your meter RLU numbers should be much lower and here's the reason why. 

Cleaning only removes the soil from the surface but bacteria and viruses are still living on the surface. When you properly apply disinfectant, it will kill the bacteria and viruses listed on the label of the disinfectant product. Simple Green Pro d 5 has a laundry list of verified virus killing properties.

Testing the surface after disinfecting will give a false reading on the ATP machine because it will be picking up or reading dead ATP samples.

5. The key to proper cleaning and disinfecting is to: Clean, Test, Disinfect. After these steps are repeated you will see your RLU numbers decline. If your numbers are not declining you will need to repeat the process more often or use stronger mixing ratios on the cleaning process.

Check the label for increased Disinfecting solution ratios to see if its recommended or allowed. DO NOT increase the ratio unless its printed on the label.     



This is and older machine below but will show RLU limit recommendations and areas to test. These numbers are really low for surgical cleanliness.