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Electrostatic Sprayer for Sale
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Electrostatic Sprayer for Sale - In Stock
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High Volume Electrostatic Sprayer

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Our Electrostatic sprayer is a powerful commercial disinfectant spray machine designed for hard to disinfect places like Handrails, Fitness and Exercise Equipment, Locker Rooms, Commercial Kitchens, Metal Chairs, Elevators, etc.

Read our blog on how to choose the right disinfecting company to learn more about the process.

Watch the video below to see how our Electrostatic Sprayer clings to the inside of this stainless steel elevator providing complete coverage. 

Our High Volume Electrostatic sprayer comes fully assembled ready to use including the cart, 2.5 hp air compressor, and 10-liter (2.5 Gallon) disinfectant tank.

This is a very powerful Electrostatic Sprayer that really charges the disinfectant to cling all the way around the surface.

Battery-powered Electrostatic sprayers don't have enough power to be effective with wrap around clinging and we have a demo machine in stock so you can see it in action. 

We only sell these Electrostatic Sprayers to registered and approved companies who agree to follow our standards for proper disinfectant application.

If you own a commercial cleaning company this will fit right in with your current operations and you will make your money back really quick.