First Test - Independent ATP Testing will Validate the Cleanliness in your Facility
Oso Sanitized testing service
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First Test - Independent ATP Testing will Validate the Cleanliness in your Facility

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Schedule a cleanliness test in your facility today and get instant results. Test results are completely confidential and only shared with the person who ordered the test.

Oso Chem will never publicly share, display, or publish your test scores. Each customer ordering ATP testing will be provided with legal protection against this before the test is performed. This means you can hire us with complete privacy to test your place of business or consult with you without fear of being "extorted".         

Frequent testing will save you hundreds to millions per year by knowing the correct frequency needed to clean and disinfect your facility. More testing equals less guessing.

Read more about the whole Oso Sanitized process now. 

We take testing and corrective action plans very serious and most companies with a good cleaning and disinfecting process in place will pass.

We recommend testing high touchpoints like counters, desks, door handles, shopping carts, bathroom, door, and refrigerator handles, bed and chair rails, touchscreens, etc.

Before ordering your first ATP test please use our locator to find a testing company in your area. Test prices include services within 20 miles of the listed address then pick how many test spots you would like on the first visit. We recommend testing high touchpoints or public areas first depending on your facility type.

If you're further than 20 miles please request a quote before ordering.  

If we do not have someone in your area yet please contact us so we can add you to the waiting list or send a tester to your area.  



If you don't pass the test, we're here to help you or your cleaning crew implement a simple disinfecting process with measurable results. This is not complicated or costly to implement. 

Think of disinfecting as a weed killer for your yard. If you don't spray weed killer on a frequent basis the weeds will grow like crazy. If you spray on a consistent basis, the weeds will not grow. This is the same concept for disinfecting.

We're here to help people understand the difference between cleaning and disinfecting.

Since we're a third-party ATP testing company you can rest assured that our results are measured against similar companies or industries across the nation.

We have different programs for different types of facilities. An assisted living center will have different test levels then a chair or desk. 

Our branding sends a clear message to consumers that you have a proven, well-documented process for measuring cleanliness.